View of G3 Terminal, Vancouver from beyond the Lynn River

Time: Friday, May 26 2023, 9 AM – 12 PM
Location: Pick-up and drop off at Simon Hotel and Park and Tilford Shopping Centre
Format: Guided bus tour
To attend: Register on the registration form

Opened on July 8, 2020, G3 Terminal Vancouver is the first completely new grain terminal to open in Vancouver since 1968. G3 Terminal Vancouver is designed to optimize grain receiving, storage, and shipping throughput operations on Canada’s west coast, and act as an essential conduit for Canadian farmers and marketers to ensure global competitiveness in moving agricultural commodities to world markets. Primary materials handled at the G3 facility include wheat, soybeans, canola, peas, corn (occasionally) and some specialty by-products. The central workhouse stands 80 m (264 ft.) in height. There are 48 grain silos built of concrete which are 42 m (140 ft.) and have a combined capacity for 180,000 tonnes of grain. Supporting the silos, the railcar dump and the dock is a maze of covered conveyor belts. The new berth has three high-speed ship loaders, which can pour up to 6,500 tonnes of grain per hour, even the largest bulk carriers can be loaded in a day. The company expects up to 168 ships per year.

Perhaps its most interesting feature is its track arrangement on a very confined 55-acre site formerly utilized by a lumber terminal on the North Vancouver waterfront. The terminal has been designed to hold three full-length (8,500-foot-long) unit trains – each with 150 of the new jumbo covered hopper cars and three locomotives. The tight space and length of trains has resulted in a unique track arrangement.

Our guided bus tour of the 55 acre facility will leave the Simon Hotel at Simon Fraser University at 9 on Friday. We will stop to pick up registrants at Park and Tilford and return by noon. You should have time to get to your 1:30 operating session.

Space is limited, so register early to avoid disappointment!