A Guide To Freight Car Stencilling

A Guide to Freight Car Stencilling by Timothy Horton

Ever wondered what all that stencilling on freight cars means? Accurate freight car stencilling is a key component of railway prototype modelling. This clinic will serve as a guide to freight car stencilling in Canada from the 1910s to the present day, including reporting marks, data, consolidated stencils, logograms and much more. This clinic will segue into a clinic on decaling during the following week. Learn how to make the models for your prototype look like the real thing with accurate lettering!

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Biography Timothy Horton was introduced to model trains at a very young age and has been modelling the British Columbia Railway since 1983. He has authored seven books and numerous magazine articles on the railway and is a columnist and member of the Advisory Board for N-Scale Magazine. His N Scale layout was featured in Model Railroad Planning 2009.