Darryll Jacobs

Detailing Structures – Can there ever be enough detail? By Darryl Jacobs
You will learn how to study the prototype building and scene for crucial details that should to be modeled to complete the illusion of realism in your model. Gauge the level of detail by placement on the layout and the story that the scene is going to provide the viewer.Prepare to go that extra mile to create the “wow” factor you want by spending the extra time that the structure demands. We will also explore the possibilities of modeling that hard to scratchbuild detail with the use of 3D printing and laser cutting. You can accomplish great things with a budget Resin 3D printer.
photos by Darryl
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Biography Darryl has been a modeller all his life with a love for all things miniature. He has a passion for structures, details and interiors. From a career in aerospace design and manufacturing, he now focuses those talents into his and his wife’s craftsman kit company, Interaction Hobbies.