Rob Badmington

Change is the Only Constant by Rob Badmington

• Standard track gauge is still 4 feet 8 ½ inches. Almost everything else in railroading has changed. This presentation will show you some of the fundamental changes that have taken place during your lifetime, and how they can be reflected on your layout. With plenty of prototype and model photos, this presentation will show how railroads have evolved dramatically in the last half century, striving for ever greater efficiency. Ideas will be discussed for representing some of these changes in your modelling, whether your era is long ago, or yesterday.
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Biography • Rob has been fascinated by all things railroad since his first childhood train trip. This led to a 35 year career in the Engineering and Purchasing functions at both major Canadian railways. When not working on his model railroad, Rob edits Highball!, the 6th division newsletter, and enjoys travelling and train riding whenever he can.