Pete Steinmetz

Weathering With AK Interactive Weathering Pencils
When I first heard about these weathering pencils I was skeptical. I had been using Prismacolor and Carb Othelo as my “Go To” pencils for years. The AK pencils were more expensive than what I was using. How could they be worth the extra money? I bought the 3 rust colors and started experimenting with them. What a difference. They work great. I ended up buying the full set of 37 pencils. In my clinic, I will show how and where to use these pencils. I will show the difference between using them dry and wet. I will also show how to paint with these pencils. The clinic will be interactive. Discussion is encouraged.
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Biography Pete Steinmetz is the owner of Dead Rail Installs. We do battery powered remote control of model trains. Pete also likes to weather cars and locos. Making clean cars dirty for many years.