The Railway Modellers’ Meet of British Columbia will advance the practice of railway modelling in British Columbia by providing a forum where model railroaders can meet, exchange ideas and enrich their involvement in the NMRA and SIGs
To serve the local BC modelling community of the 7th Division of the PNR (NMRA) by holding an annual meet held in spring in Vancouver focused on a spectrum of model railroading skills and domains (from planning to operations, and everything in between). The RMMBC will strive to enrich the experience of local modellers by encouraging the participation of modellers from the Pacific Northwest and beyond.

The RMMBC grew out of the modeling component of the annual Vancouver train shows ,Vancouver Train Expo and Trains, when a group of dedicated modellers suggested to the 7th Division of the PNR/NMRA that a separate meet dedicated to the needs of modellers and scheduled at a different time would allow modellers more time and resources to focus on modelling. The RMMBC was “born” in 2016 and has grown in both the number of attendees and the quality of its program ever since.

From the outset, layout tours and operating sessions taking advantage of the wide spectrum of layouts in the Vancouver region have been a significant part of the RMMBC experience for attendees. The number of operating sessions has grown and have been “sold out” every year since RMMBC inception. Every year the layout tours include a different set of local layouts.

In 2017, the RMMBC began its association with the Simon Fraser University located on the top of scenic Burnaby Mountain to take advantage of SFU’s superior meeting facilities and as importantly, its low cost accommodation and meal services for out-of-town participants.

In 2018, the RMMBC began its practice of incorporating a plenary session given by a prominent North American modeller. Past presenters
  • 2018, Bernie Kempinski
  • 2019, Lance Mindheim
  • 2020, Trevor Marshall

All participants in RMMBC are encouraged to bring a model for display regardless of its state of complexity or completion. Each modeller has an opportunity to explain his/her project in a “Meet the Modeller” session – another highlight of the annual meet.

The Organizing Committee is always looking for new and interesting clinic ideas. Please feel free to contact any committee member.
The RMMBC wishes to ensure inclusion of all model railroaders. If you have difficulty
paying the full fare for the Meet for financial reasons, please contact the Registrar.