2018 clinic photos

Tim Anderson working with LEDs for lighting projects
Bernard Kempinski Down to the sea in trains
Anthony Craig Tools for Tinkering with Brass Locos
Don Weixl The Nitro Pass and Okanagan
John Riley When Beauty Road the Rails-
A Photographic Tribute to Canadian passenger trains
Scott Lamoureux Scenery techniques for modelling the
Fraser and Thompson river canyons
Al Lill Modelling the CN on Vancouver Island
David Rees-Thomas R North 5, eh?
Max Magliaro Meet the Model:
a 99% scratchbuilt 0-6-0 in N Scale
Brian Rudko Consider a Micro Layout
Mark Dance Making your own laser cut "kits"
CPR's Nelson station
Greg Madsen, A hands on soldering clinic
Brian Stokes TT&TO Operations at the EMRA
Doug Mayer The Revelstoke Roundhouse and Diorama Project
Panel 3 lifetime layouts
John Socha-Leialoha Home Injection Molding for Model Railroads