When I'M 1:64

When I am 1:64 By Trevor Marshall
Modelling an obscure prototype in a niche scale

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Biography "Trevor is a lifelong model railway enthusiast. He finds every scale, gauge, prototype, era and theme fascinating -
and has built layouts to indulge many of these ideas. He has never finished a layout although his current project -
a Canadian National branch line in southern Ontario in S scale -
is getting close. That said, he’s already thinking about what will come next. Beyond his own projects, Trevor has a keen interest in layout design and has helped several friends create layouts that combine prototype modelling and operating fun,
while remaining achievable in terms of time, money and other resources. Trevor is a frequent contributor to Railroad Model Craftsman magazine, co-hosted a podcast called The Model Railway Show
and was a host and writer for TrainMasters TV. He writes a number of websites about the hobby, too."