2022 clinic presentations

May 5th clinics
Greg AmerEmerging from prototype Paralisis PresentationMay 5 7:35 PM
Brian Stokes Getting Real(istic) About Car Forwarding PresentationMay 5 8:45 PM
May 12th clinics
Matt LaChance Clinic:A Pragmatic Approach to British-American Oil Tank Car Fleet PresentationMay 12 7:05 PM
Rich Mahoney Clinic:Peninsulas - how to make best use of PresentationMay 12 7:05 PM
Marc Simpson Clinic:Selective compression on a Industrial Scale PresentationMay 12 7:55 PM
Rene Gourley Clinic: Reinventing wheels – A Pembroke Update PresentationMay 12 7:55 PM
May 19th clinics
Burr Stewart Clinic: Why Bother with Operations PresentationMay 19 7:05 PM
Max Magliaro Clinic: Scratchbuilt Brass SP&S Skeleton Logging Flat Cars PresentationMay 19 7:05 PM
Steve Todd Clinic: Basic JMRI Operations with NO paper! PresentationMay 19 7:55 PM
Geoff Bunza Clinic: Modelling with magnets PresentationMay 19 8:45 PM
May 26th clinics
Tim Horton Clinic: So The Layout Has to Move … PresentationMay 26 7:05 PM
Rich Mahoney Clinic: Sign Me Up - signs where, how PresentationMay 26 7:05 PM
John Geddes Clinic: LED Lighting – Much More Than Meets the Eye PresentationMay 26 7:55 PM
Gary Hinshaw Clinic: 3d Printing PresentationMay 26 8:45 PM