Meet my Layout

Meet the Modeller is our way of bringing our hobby to the meet, but what about those of you whose projects are a little less portable or are not quite done yet? This year we've created something just for you.
Meet My Layout is an opportunity to share your layout without committing to a 30 minute virtual layout tour.
Please send a brief overview of your layout (see sample below) plus four to five images that capture your layout to the Meet My Layout coordinator; we will assemble them into a presentation. At the meet on May 28th, you will have an opportunity to introduce yourself and your layout to the assembled group in a 4-5 minute window. Overviews of complete layouts and work in progress are both welcome!

Layout name: Copper Canyon
Scale: F (1:20.3)
Era Late 1940’s Geared Steam
Description Copper Mining, Smelting +
Host Bob McMechan
Please send to Bob McMechan Bob McMechan