2022 layout tours

The layout tours this year will be in North Vancouver. All registrants who chose layout tours will receive maps in their registration packages. These will be available at Friday's Operating sessions if you signed up or the live event on Saturday at the Queensborough community center.
West Port and Yukon
A G gauge garden railway layout that is the length of the longish garden with return loops.It started out as strictly Narrow Gauge but became more open to 1.29 with Aristo and US Trains BC Rail and CPR locos and stock. Battery, Battery R/C and Live steam locos are used.The layout grew with the years.
Myron Claridge: I started out in 16 mil O gauge in the 1980’s but children and a move to a home in West Vancouver allowed me to change to a sturdier G gauge, first in LGB and then to a more accurate 1.20.3 scale with 45 mil track. I am a member of the Greater Vancouver Garden Railway Club and also a small group of live steam friends in the wilds of Surrey and Delta.
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This HO scale, Proto:87 layout represents the town of Pembroke, Ontario on the Canada Atlantic Railway as it was in 1905.The layout is a 32 footshelf on two sides of the family room. Basic scenery is in place, along with all track and wiring. Control is via Lenz DCC, with custom manual turnout controls.
Rene Gourley: Rene Gourley has been building model trains ever since he was a kid. He discovered the Canada Atlantic Railway in 1990, Proto:87 in 1994, and has been plugging away at their intersection ever since. He has written numerous articles in the press, and publishes his ongoing struggles on pembroke87.wordpress.com.
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CN Sassamatt Division
The CN Sassamatt Division is a fictitious layout set in 1979 that connects the CN at Lytton to the BCR at Lillooet. Trains then run south to the super port at Squamish.
John Walter: I have been a train nut all my life. I started in HO, built two layouts then saw the light and converted to N scale. I hope to finish my current layout this year, so I can begin construction of my dream layout, the KVR set in 1951 in a 30 x 40 foot space.
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Pacific National Railway
The PNR is a free-lanced HO scale layout filling an 18’ X 17’ room. It emphasizes CPR steam motive power operating in fully sceniced western mountain terrain.It features numerous scratch built facilities and structures. Of particular modelling interest are a collection of scratch built contest CPR models in O scale, including the 2711 G-4 Pacific w. tender,van 436714, plow 401035, combine 3299 and others.
Kyle Gardiner: • Kyle Gardiner vaguely remembers starting modelling before the invention of plastic, and credits early model railroading with inciting a mechanical engineering career.
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Hidden Prairie Valley Railway
Graham Stokes’s HO scale Hidden Prairie Valley Division of the CPR is a fictional railway set in the mid1950’s and is inspired by parts of the Canadian Pacific & Kettle Valley Railways in southern BC.
The HPVR, while mostly CPR based, has a CN interchange at Blinnmore, and more interchange traffic at Spruceville, a small hidden staging yard behind Kenny and the Kenny Lift. Transition era steam locomotives and diesels rule. This railway features a variety of freight and passenger services, occasionally acting as an alternate route for The Canadian.
The mainline runs from Blinnmore, on the coast, through BC’smountain valleys to Jacquard, not far from the Alberta border. Most of the upper level from east of Foster through Blacklock to Jacquard is constructed using a lighter version of Anthony Craig’s “demountable” modules, the rest of the railway employing L girder techniques. Several scenes and industries are in the works, urban and rural, with the Scaqay Logging Branchnow in serviceat the west end & barge service developing north of Blinnmore.
The HPVR railway runs around a room of approximately 11 and half feet wide by 34 feet long. Control is by both Digitrax DCC and JMRI throttles.The layout is partially scenicked.
update: contrary to the statement in your registration package, visiting the HPVR requires only good-fitting masks are required. N95 is not necessary.
Graham Stokes: Interested in trains since childhood, Graham Stokes has enjoyed learning to plan, build, maintain, and operate a model railway, not necessarily in that order.Train interest has been multi-generational in his family. He is grateful to his wife, Leddy, for her support, his late father, Ken; his son, Marc; his daughter, Danielle, for the teasing; and to many model railroading friends for their help and comradery in our hobby. He loves to see trains in action, and to see others enjoying them too.
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