Coast Inland Division

Coast Inland Division of the Canadian Pacific Railway by Dick Hawkshaw

This is a virtual tour of the fictitious Coast Inland Division of the Canadian Pacific Railway,an HO mountain railroad located in British Columbia that extends from the Pacific Coast in the west to the foothills in the east. It is mid-September 1998. The Coast Inland Division, formerly the Coast Inland Railway Company a.k.a. The Inlander, operates between the cities of Port Mary and Hughes, where it interchanges with the BNSF and Southawk Logging & Lumber Company. Industries: coal mining; wood products manufacturing; water bottling plant; oil storage & shipping; grain and container terminals. Helper Service is provided for Soaring Hawk Pass and Mt. Stephen.
photos by Dick Hawkshaw
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Biography Dick's interest in trains started very early on owing to his maternal grandfather spending 48 years with the CPR and he received his first train set in 1953 thanks to Santa and Lionel. His career with the Federal Government led to armchair model railroading until 1994 when he actively returned to the hobby. Dick’s main interests are operations and scenicking.