E&N Railway

Vancouver Island's E and N Railway by Michael Batten

The E&N was a perfect little railway that just begs to be modelled. But tough choices and compromises have to be made even when modelling small railways. This tour explores the thinking behind the design. A large, finished basement room, N scale, and a prototype of manageable size sound like a winning combination for any model railway builder. But when we start building, space disappears faster than we think, especially when the room must be shared with other members of the family. This tour looks at how the careful selection of scenes to be modelled, with an eye to prototypical operating patterns, can help focus our thinking to overcome the challenging limitations of space and time.
photos by Michael Batten
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Biography Michael has been enchanted by trains, both full-size and model, all his life. His earliest memory is of watching trains in England, and he took his first trip on the E&N Dayliner in 1968. He has been active in railway preservation and for five years was part of the group organizing Vancouver Train Expo. He has been actively modelling the E&N Railway in N scale for 21 years.