BC Hydro Railway

BC Hydro Railway by Colin Dover and Gary Taylor

• The B.C. Hydro Model Railway Central Park Line represents a depiction of most of the customers and locations served on that specific branch during the period 1965-67. There is not enough room to include the industrial park that existed adjacent to Vanness Ave. from 1968-92. Fortunately what’s modelled readily fits pre-existing benchwork from the previous layout of the Vancouver waterfront circa 1952. There was also room to represent the railway at Pacific Coast Terminals, plus staging to represent the railroads that had direct connections to B.C. Hydro Railway. The focus is to provide opportunities for switching that can allow for multiple crews to operate without getting in each others way.
photos by Colin Dover
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Biography Gary Taylor had the good fortune to grow up with an active railway across the street from his home. He’s been interested in railroads all his life. He joined the Vancouver Model Railway Club in 1991 making new friends including Colin Dover. When Colin had to move around 2000, Gary offered the empty basement of his house to relocate Colin’s layout. Gary was delighted when Colin suggested around 2013 to build a new layout based on the Central Park Line. It was the realization of a desire held since childhood.

Colin didn't have opportunities to pursue his interest in railroads until he was twenty years old. He was invited to see the Scarborough Model Railroad Club and later became an active member. He moved to Vancouver in 1990 and soon joined the Vancouver Model Railroad Club. When that club lost its final home, he decided to build a layout in the utility room adjacent to the basement suite where he was living. The layout was inspired by the Vancouver waterfront he observed near his workplace. The layout was expanded and modified to depict the steam to diesel transition era when it was moved to Gary's basement. Colin has always enjoyed model railroading that incorporates prototype switching of individual customers that was common before the 21st century.