Display and meet the modeller

The Virtual Display Room and Meet the Modeller is your opportunity to participate in the meet!

After a long wait, we are looking forward to seeing you in person at the live meet at Queensborough Community Centre on Saturday, May 28th. The Display will be at the centre of the live meet activities and we invite you to show your model railroad projects, whether partly underway or complete. All are welcome, from those taking their first steps in the hobby to those who’ve been at it a very long time, and everyone in between.
Bring any project that will fit on the bus or in your vehicle, including models (structures, locomotives, rolling stock, track work, scenery, etc), photos, drawings, prototype track and layout diagrams, and any other projects (circuits, signal systems, tools, etc) related to the hobby. We will have display tables available, as well as display boards for mounting two dimensional objects.
Please let us know in advance what you intend to bring, and the space and power requirements.
Emails can be sent to the display coordinator.Display Coordinator
Your email will help us plan the space effectively and will ensure your projects are displayed as attractively as possible.
We are also pleased to announce that we will hold Meet-The-Modeller in person in the afternoon on May 28th.
Meet-The-Modeller is a highlight of the meet for us and gives a low key way to meet other modellers, learn about interesting projects and to ask a few questions. Each of us displaying models or other projects is given a brief chance to introduce ourselves, answer questions about the project we've displayed and chat with like-minded folks.
Come as you are; you do not need to prepare any speaking notes. It is relaxed and friendly, and uncompetitive. Everyone is welcome and encouraged (but not required) to participate. Even if you don’t bring something to display, join the audience and get to know the other attendees a little better.