John Geddes

Train Elevator – Say “Goodbye” to the Helix by John Geddes

How a train elevator can dramatically redefine layout design. Shorten inter-deck transit times. Conserve room space. Provide significant staging. Introduce new operational flexibility and possibilities. In other words, we may consider saying “goodbye” to the helix in layout design. You will learn how the author built a multi-shelf train elevator to hold 15 car trains (+ multi-loco consists) in HO from readily available materials. Using off-the-shelf linear actuators, the elevator provides inter-deck transit times of less than a minute with precision alignment and low noise. With nine shelves, triple tracked, the elevator provides staging for up to 27 trains. Learn how the authorplans to exploit the elevator featuresin some innovative operational scenarios. The author welcomes further ongoing dialogues with any others that want to incorporate a train elevator into their layout design.
photos by Mark Dance
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Biography John has been a model railroader since childhood. Most recently, he has been on the RMMBC Organizing Committee and has been clinic coordinator for the last three years. As an electrical engineer, he has always had a strong interest in the electronics and computer side of the hobby.