Model Railroad “Signaling for Dummies”

Signalling for dummies
A brief introduction to “why” you might want signals on your layout, “what” kinds of hardware and software might be involved, and “how” to get going on a simple(r) project to get started with by Burr Stewart

Signaling for Dummies” is about why, what, and how you might get started on putting various kinds of signals on your layout. The basics include
  • the various types of signals you might consider installing
  • options for wiring and controlling them
  • why LCC is in interesting development
  • ways to get started, and some of the useful resources for learning more.

  • photos by Burr Stewart
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    Biography Burr Stewart has been a model railroader since childhood, and is a recent RMMBC clinician on the topics of DCC braking and Modeling the Prototype (BN around Seattle). He has a basement layout in Seattle that has hosted 25 operating sessions, and is trying desperately to keep up with the rapid advancements in technology.