Meet the Modeller

The Virtual Display Room and Meet the Modeller is your opportunity to participate in the meet!
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Email photographs of your project to the Display Coordinator along with the information in the model entry form. model entry form Your photos will be incorporated into the display. Display
On Thursday June 4th, our regular Meet the Modeller presentation goes virtual; we'd love to hear what you have to say about your projects. All levels and types of model railway activity are welcome, including: models photos (hobby or prototype) displays of methods, techniques, circuits research, plans Contact the Meet the Modeller coordinator  Click Here
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During the Zoom meeting, we want to ensure a good experience for everyone. We ask two things during the meeting:
  1. find a quiet space, where other people or noises will not interrupt or be heard by the rest of us, and
  2. place your computer onto a safe, stable surface (like a table or desk, not on your lap). That will ensure you don’t look like a boxer, bobbing and weaving in and out of view while we are chatting.
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