Rail: From Mill to Mainline

Rail: From Mill to Mainline by Rob Badmington

Rail is the most fundamental component of railroads, and this clinic will take you in a photographic journey through every aspect the product. See how rail is made, transported, welded, installed, maintained, cascaded, repurposed, and ultimately, recycled. The presenter spent much of his career with both major Canadian railways in the engineering and purchasing functions, dealing specifically with rail. Some of his behind-the-scenes photos cannot be seen anywhere else.

After 36 years working for CN and then CP in Engineering and Purchasing, Rob retired to his basement to build and operate his HO scale New Westminster Southern. The layout is centered on an abridged model of the bridge over the Fraser River at New Westminster, and the many railroads that operate in the area. Realistic looking track is one of his passions. Rob is active in several model railroad organizations in Calgary and also serves as editor of Highball!, the 6th Division’s newsletter.

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