Improvising with unconventional materials and methods to good effect

Improvising with unconventional materials and methods to good effect by Burr Stewart

This clinic will chronicle a variety of situations on my layout where I and others have saved time and/or money by using unconventional materials or methods, and the varied results and compromises achieved. Pieces of some of the materials will be handed out for demonstration purposes, and the attendees invited to discuss their own improvisations.There is never enough time or money to build the layout you really want, so over the years I have experimented with various materials and methods to speed construction and improve operations. While technically not jazz, I call it “Model Railroad Improvisation”. This clinic will explore some of the best examples, from myself and others, with pictures and pieces of some of the materials to pass around. We will also take the pulse of clinic attendees to uncover any new discoveries that haven’t become widely known yet.
photos by Burr Stewart
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Biography Burr Stewart is a model railroader in Seattle who has been building a proto-freelanced HO version of the Burlington Northern operations in about 1973 between Seattle and Vancouver BC for the past 35 years. He is a member of the NMRA (4D), OPSIG, LDSIG, FOBNR, GNRHS, NPRHS and the MRHA, and has been hosting operating sessions for the past ten years. Information on his layout is available on his blog and his website