Scenic Ground Cover

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Scenic ground covers: By Rob Kirkham
From Plywood to Pasture in 3 Hours
"This clinic is a chance to try your hand at modelling realistic scenery and explore some of the many products and techniques available today. Each modeller will take home their own model, created with their own hands. Since the goal is realistic scenery, we will copy a couple of photographs and all model the same scene. Modellers will learn how to add soil and gravel, grass and other plant life, and a small stream. Materials for a base, small land forms and ground cover (including the water in the stream) will be provided. Because we only have a couple of hours, the techniques and products used are limited to ensure enough drying time to allow portability by the end of the day. There is an extra fare of $10 for this workshop."
Biography Rob has been in the hobby since he was a kid, and presently is focused on a series of HO scale modules based on the waterfront railways of Vancouver in the steam era. He likes to closely observe the prototype, and experiment with ways to use modern technology to improve modelling. Those interests inform his efforts to model effective, realistic model scenery.
Participants are encouraged (but do not need) to bring:
  • if you have skin sensitivity to acrylics, glues, etc., a pair of gloves.
  • in case you spill something, appropriate clothing or an apron or smock. The products we are using stain, harden and are permanent. That said, I have done this kind of scenery in business a
  • If your find airborne substances irritating, consider a dust mask for use when we apply the “soil” and “grass”.
  • Portable hair dryer if you have one.
  • Static grass applicator if you have one
  • An old stocking or sock and a couple of small containers (yogurt containers; an old mug?)
  • Small and medium sized paint brushes