Build (and take away) a Special Edition of a CP Standard No3 Tool House

Build (and take away) a special edition of a CP Standard No3 Tool House By Darryl Jacobs
Learn how to use new approaches in your structures modelling. You will build a CP tool house in either of N or HO scale in a three hour hands-on workshop. You will work with a custom designed kit and learn techniques of layered coloring of building components to bring out the detail in this laser cut craftsman kit. You will also be provided with some specialized tools and sample supplies that should make your modeling life easier and more fun. There will be an extra fare of $25 > for this workshop.3 hours
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Biography Darryl has been involved in modeling for almost all of the past 50 years. He has a passion for all things recreated in miniature, especially the model railroad world. In the 1:1 world, Darryl spent a lifetime in aerospace research, development and manufacturing. For the past 7 years, he has headed up the creative side of Interaction Hobbies, where he designs and develops laser cut and 3D printed structures, vehicles and detail kits for the model railroad hobbyist.
  • Your favorite X-Acto type knife with “fresh” blades (Suggest #11 as best)
  • Portable cutting mat or cutting board (something to cut out parts on)
  • Tweezers
  • Sanding sticks or needle files
  • Magnifying device or Optivisor if you use one
  • Glue: Probond, Elmers white glue, or your favorite glue for gluing wood kits together. (I like the Scotch Craft Adhesives as it dries quickly clear and leaves little residue).
  • Acrylic paints that match your railroad line’s colors for lineside structures.
  • CP paint colors will be provided
  • Paint brushes: A finer round detail one, a flat medium sized one for painting walls etc. and a stiff ½” one for dry brushing.
  • Elastics or clamps for glue up."