2016 clinics

Clinics in 2016 The clinic linup is subject to change.
Friday November 4th
Cypress 29:30-10:30 F2-1Exploring the Cricut Cutter
Rene will share his experiences with this computer-controlled die cutting machine.
We'll see how this tool can improve and accelerate your model building.
Rene Gourley
Cypress 111:00-12:00F1-2PGE Marine Operations
From its beginning in 1912 until it connected with Canadian National at Prince George in 1952, all traffic to or from the
Pacific Great Eastern either began or ended its trip with a 40 mile sea voyage. Using historical photographs and documents
from various sources, this clinic will review the railway's marine operations utilizing its own and leased vessels until the
cessation of service in 1957. Subject to copyright considerations, the handout will be a PDF file - please bring a USB device.
Greg Kennelly
Cypress 211:00-12:00F2-2Connaught Tunnel
On December 9th, 2016 the 100th anniversary of the first revenue train through the Connaught Tunnel will be celebrated.
The clinic will explore the reasoning behind CP’s decision to build the tunnel, its construction, operation, maintenance,
and current status today. Included will be photos taken during exclusive access to the west portal ventilation building.
Doug will also cover how the model of the west tunnel portal at the Revelstoke Railway Museum was designed and include photos of this beautiful model built by Patrick Lawson.
Doug Mayer
Cypress 112:30-13:30F1-3Paper Buildings whats old is new again
My adventures in building structures using printed paper. Using prototype photos, models can be produced with results unobtainable with other methods. The reasons for following certain methodologies are discussed and several results are shown
Allen Ferguson
Cypress 212:30-13:30F2-3Battery Powered Radio Control in smaller Scales
This clinic is about powering trains with batteries and controlling them wirelessly. All available systems will be presented.
Battery selection, charging, and safety will be covered. We will concentrate on HOn3 – O Scale and everything in between.
There will be demos.
Pete Steinmetz
Cypress 114:00-15:15F1-4Layout Design Boot Camp 1
Use John Armstrong's methods to create a reliable, operations-based layout that satisfies the owner’s design criteria.
Part 1 will provide a checklist to frame the modeller’s layout design criteria and operating priorities.
Doug Lee
Cypress 214:00-15:00F2-4The Esquimalt & Nanaimo Railway
A Journey from HO to N, freelance to prototype, Vancouver to Nanoose Bay
Steve Stark
Cypress 115:30-17:00F1-5Layout Design Boot Camp 2
Part 2 will introduce a methodology to produce a satisfying plan for an operating layout.
Items covered will include Armstrong's "squares" method, staging design
and the trade offs between different layout styles in the space available.
Doug Lee
Cypress 215:30-16:30 F2-5Hudson Bay Railway
The Hudson Bay Railway runs from The Pas Manitoba to Churchill Manitoba, with branch lines to Flin Flon, Thompson,
Lynn Lake and Snow Lake. The presentation will cover the fascinating history of the prototype,
as well as how the author came to model the portion from The Pas to Flin Flon.
Marc Simpson
Saturday November 5th
Cypress 29:30-10:30S2-1Loco Facilities
This clinic will explain how to develop a shop track plan to best meet our model railroad requirements
without compromising prototypical realism. Both steam and diesel eras will be covered.
Mike Chandler
Cypress 211:00-12:00S2-2Modelling the Scenery of British Columbia
A presentation [and live demonstration ] of some techniques used in modelling the mountain and valley
scenery of Canada’s westernmost province. BC railways generally ran east to west while traversing one of the
many north to south mountain barriers; consequently, there is a need for extensive rock cuts, fills, tunnels, bridges and of course, many trees.
Topics discussed and demonstrated will include: scene planning, basic scenery forms, webbing, plaster coat, rock casting, rock colouring, ground cover and line-side details.
Anthony Craig
Cypress 212:30-13:30S2-3BC Museum Train
Author and historian Timothy Horton will present a history of the 1975-1979 British Columbia Provincial
Museum Train and its various consists, and his efforts to model the train in N Scale.
Tim Horton
Cypress 214:00-15:00S2-4Tehachapi BC update JMRI/helpers/etc
I will discuss the progress I have made on my N scale layout, “Tehachapi BC”, over the past year.
The layout is to feature busy, single-track mountain railroading with dispatcher-controlled
CTC operations supported by detection & signalling hardware.
I will present a virtual demonstration of the system in operation and you can
follow along with your smart phone if you have Engine Driver or WiThrottle installed.
Gary Hinshaw
Cypress 215:30-16:30S2-5Cisco Bridge in N scale
How this iconic scene from the Fraser Canyon was planned and recreated in N scale. Topics will include:
developing the model concept; selective compression and selecting scene elements; scratch building the bridge
using styrene, brass, custom-etched and commercial parts; and completing the scenery
Scott Lamoureux
Breakfast Nook16:30-18:007th Division PNR Annual General Meeting