2018 Meet the Modeller photos
Display Room:
The heart of the Railway Modellers Meet is you & what you are doing in the hobby!

We love this part of the show for its ability to bring us together, put names to faces, and inspire creativity in the hobby. Bring your models (finished or in progress); bring locomotives, structures, freight cars, dioramas, vehicles or other models. Or unusual tools & techniques. Show us a circuit you are using or some other new bit of tech. If you are doing research bring that too. Basically, if it’s part of the hobby, we’re interested to see what you are working on. Bring it to display and spend some time chatting about it with the rest of us. All scales, gauges, and eras are welcome. You don’t need to be a craftsman to participate – this isn’t a contest. We welcome all levels of hobby fun. Spend some time during the meet in the display room viewing the models, learning what other others are doing and maybe pick up an idea or two for your next project.
We love to see the “why and how” of your project too. If you have project or prototype photos, bring them along. Help us to understand why you built it and what makes it interesting.

The display room will be closed for about an hour immediately following Bernie Kempinski’s lunch hour talk to allow those interested in NMRA Achievement Program evaluation to have their models viewed. It is still possible to arrange to have a model evaluated, so if you are interested please let Rob Kirkham know.” And the schedule could then mark that hour on Sunday as “AP evaluation in the display room"
Check-in and AP Evaluation:

Whatever you bring, please make a point of advising the room attendant when you arrive. This helps us keep an eye on the models. And if you do have a project you would like to have evaluated in the NMRA AP program, we will gladly make arrangements for that to occur (see details below). Out of consideration for the evaluators, please let us know ahead of the meet.

Meet the modeller – Saturday afternoon:

At 3 pm on Saturday, we invite everyone to come to our "meet the modeller" opportunity, where we’ll invite you to talk about your projects and interests. Last year this part of the meet used up more of the meet time than we had set aside, so we are going to try out an interview format. We will keep it voluntary, and informal. Members of the meet organizing team will ask a few questions and keep the pace moving. We’ll also be set up so it is easier to hear. The interviews will be pretty straight forward. For example, each person could be asked to describe what they have brought to the meet, why it caught their interest, and to describe any particularly interested elements of the project.


We suggest that if you are intending to bring more than a few models it would be very helpful to have some advance notice so we can set the room up effectively. We have arranged for extra table space this year, but already know of two larger displays that plan to attend. Please let Rob Kirkham know approximately how much space you think your models will require and whether you need an electrical connection.

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