The heart of the Railway Modellers Meet is you and YOUR MODELS!
Bring your models, finished or in progress, for display and discussion. Spend some time in the display room viewing the models, chatting with the other modellers and pick up some ideas for your next project

All scales, gauges, and models from all eras are welcome; bring locomotives, structures, freight cars, dioramas, vehicles or other models. Literally anything you have been working on is probably interesting to someone else. If you have them, it is always a good idea to bring prototype photos, in progress shots of the model construction and a few notes about the parts and methods used. Help us to understand why you built it and what makes it interesting

At noon on Saturday, we invite everyone to come to our informal "meet the modeller" opportunity, where everyone displaying models is invited to describe what they have brought and let the rest of understand your models. We love this part of the show for its ability to bring us together, put names to faces and models, and to be inspired as we take turns chatting about our hobby.

There are no contests. The purpose of our event is to share and learn new techniques, and meet your fellow modelers within the 7th Division and beyond. We suggest that if you are intending to bring more than a few models it would be very helpful to have some advance notice so we can set the room up effectively. Please let Rob Kirkham know approximately how much space you think your models will require and whether you need an electrical connection.This year, tables will be somewhat lower, but lighting is expected to be much improved.

Contact the Display coordinator  Click Here
For your information, AP evaluation is available for those modellers interested. If you are displaying a model you wish to have evaluated, advise us when you bring it to the display room. Evaluation will occur during the meet, and we will close the display room briefly to provide the judges with undistracted time.

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