Commercial Displays

  • Styrene Sponsor - Model railroading is built on hobbyists who develop products that interest them and make them available to others. These hobbyists are invited to present as modellers in the Display Room, and may leave a sign-up sheet or business cards to engage with the audience. $0
  • Phosphor Bronze Sponsor - For more exposure, you are invited to support our meet programme. In addition to the Styrene sponsor level, PB Sponsors also place a ½ column ad (3.17 inches wide x 4 inches), and will have their logo displayed behind the registration desk. $30
  • Nickel Silver Sponsor - A full column ad (3.17 inches wide by 8 inches) differentiates NS Sponsorship from PB. $60
  • Brass Sponsor - In order to engage directly with our audience of 100-120 highly active model railroaders, Brass Sponsors may place and staff a small booth across from the registration desk on Sunday, in addition to the NS package. Our agreement with SFU precludes in-booth sales. $100

Please contact the registrar to participate
Sponsors 2019