May 22 to May 24
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0 miles or KMDORM ROOMS
37 single person rooms available
$43.00 + taxes per night--- Does not include parking (believe to be $5.00 per night with possible tax)
Single bed, linens, towels, shared bathroom, dresser, desk, chair, bookshelf, mini fridge, closet and WIRED Internet
Click Here

Executive Plaza Hotel
4.2 KM$247 per night

Ramada Coquitlam
4.8 KM$115 a nightClick Here

Chealsea Inn Coquitlam
5.8 KM$150 a night?Click Here

Happy Day Inn Hotel
6.1 KM$93 a nightClick Here

Delta Hotel Burnaby
6.8 KM$211 a nightClick Here

Executive Hotel Burnaby
6.8 KM$224 a nightClick Here
7.7 KM$212 a nightClick Here

Best Western Burnaby
7.9 KM$169 a nightClick Here
8.6 KM$141CClick Here
9.2 KM$306 a nightclick here